Method of Loci Explained

The method of loci uses familiar locations to help recall information

If you’re familiar with the fictional characters of consulting detective Sherlock Holmes, or Patrick Jane from The Mentalist (also a consulting detective), then you’ll be familiar with their use of the method of loci in order to make connections and solve crimes. In the real world, it’s a powerful memory-enhancing technique that’s used by memory … Read more

Rote Memorization

Rote memorization and parroting

There are proponents and detractors of rote memorization when it comes to learning. Research shows that it can be incredibly useful for foundational knowledge and recall. But critics aren’t fans of the method because it doesn’t demonstrate deep learning and comprehension. Whatever your stance, we’ve laid out the good, the bad, and the how-to so … Read more

How We Learn: Understand Your Brain to Learn Better

After more than twenty years since the Decade of the Brain (1990–2000) [1], brain research is finally in the spotlight concerning educational policymaking. Teachers, parents, and even students themselves are looking for neuroscientific findings when it comes to effective learning strategies. Can brain research really help us design better classroom environments, implement more productive learning … Read more